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Video Conferencing


Member Access to HIPPA Compliant Video Conferencing

As we discussed at the Annual meeting, I have been using a HIPPA compliant video conference service that you can use for case consults, client interviews when they are remote, and clinical sessions. The service is VSee, and it is available for most all platforms including Windows, Android, Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. This service is very secure, and so far it works well with even cell connection.


There is a free version that is secure but not fully HIPPA compliant without what is known as a Business Associate Agreement or BAA. This is an agreement established under the HIPPA law to legally establish the confidentiality necessaries between the clinician and a communication service. VSee has offered MSOTA members a significant discount on their monthly service that includes the BAA for $25. This is a month to month contract that offers you guaranteed HIPPA compliance as well as a great connection between yourself and anyone in the world with access to internet. You can conduct secure sessions with your out of town clients, consultation with providers worldwide, collateral interviews with POs or others for PSI risk assessments. You can also exchange documents through the service that are also HIPPA secure, unlike most common email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, or your local phone company.


I encourage you to try the service at the free level, perhaps with family, at You can also call me for more information.




Victims of sexual assault were under the age of 18


Were assaulted by someone they knew or knew by sight.


Victims of sexual assault were under the age of 12.

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