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The Montana Sex Offender Treatment Association’s (MSOTA) mission is to promote community safety and education by maintaining professional standards for the evaluation and effective treatment of sexual offenders, individuals with sexually abusive behaviors, and/ or sexual behavior problems. MSOTA promotes education and training throughout the state and region.


A number of MSOTA clinical members are recognized nationally for their work and expertise in the area of evaluation and treatment of sexual offenders. The relatively small population of Montana has enabled the association to coordinate efforts and provide consistency of services throughout the state.


The association has a number of committees to address specific concerns including:

  • Education/Public Relations

  • Legislative

  • Ethics

  • Membership

  • Evaluation & Treatment Standards

Clinical Members

Professionals who are qualified to perform independent evaluations of sex offenders as well as direct treatment. MSOTA members are required, at a
minimum, to have a master’s degree in social work, psychology, or counseling and an appropriate state license to perform mental health therapy.


Clinical members are required to have 2000 hours of supervised experience in the evaluation and treatment of sex offenders. They must pass written and oral examinations and submit work samples which are reviewed by the membership committee. All MSOTA clinical members must be licensed within their respective disciplines.

Associate Members

Mental health professionals who are not certified as a clinical member or professionals who perform non-therapeutic services in working within the field of sexual abuse. This includes case management, probation and parole, social services, etc.


Associates members are required to apply for membership and must provide letters of recommendation as well as documentation of education and training.

All members of the association are held to ethical standards which are outlined in the Code of Ethics.

Board Members

MSOTA’s Board is composed of professionals throughout the state. This presently includes professionals from a variety of disciplines such as corrections, judicial, attorneys, mental health, etc. The Board provides additional input, support, and direction to the association. Board members serve two year terms.



Victims of sexual assault were under the age of 18


Were assaulted by someone they knew or knew by sight.


Victims of sexual assault were under the age of 12.