MSOTA Events


2022 Annual Meeting and Training 

If you are planning to stay at Chico, call for your room reservation NOW. The lodge and other rooms being held for this event require you to make your reservations before April 10th.  Call 406-333-4933 to reserve your room.

Our next statewide membership and training meeting is set for May 4th through the 6th at Chico Hot Springs. The training days will be on Thursday and Friday May 5th and 6th respectively with the MSOTA Board and Membership meetings on Wedensday  the 5th beginning at 1:00 PM

NOTE: there are two registrations, please choose MSOTA non-member or member registration. 

Agenda for MSOTA members Wednesday May 4th:

1:00 Board Meeting

Introductions, including new members

Membership for MSOTA in ATSA

Board discussion on the future of MSOTA and integration of the new endorsement. 

2:00 Break

2:15 Membership and Board Annual Meeting


President's annual report

Officers reports

Committee Break Outs

3:30 Committee Reports

4:00 Old Business and New Business

5:30 Break for dinner

8:00 Movie: "Relative" a documentary film on intergenerational incest, Anne gives it 5 stars

May 5 Part 1:  8:00- 12:00           Lunch 12-1:00 (on premisis)        Part 2:  1:00-5:00

Dr. Kostas A. Katsavdakis 

Dr. Katsavdakis will be presenting on:

  1. Differentiating between behaviors and motivations across rapist “typologies” and categories.

  2. Assessment of relevant character pathologies among sexual offenders, including APD, NPD and psychopathy

  3. Identification of relevant forensic assessment instruments applicable to sexual offenders.

  4. Relevant legal issues linked to testimony.

  5. Identify standards of practice in the treatment and management of sexual offenders.

Dr. Katsavdakis is a Licensed Psychologist and Diplomate in Forensic Psychology with the American Board of Professional Psychology. He has extensive experience in Forensic Evaluations, the Clinical Assessment and Treatment of juveniles and adults and Threat Assessment and Management. With over 17 years of diagnostic and treatment expertise, Dr. Katsavdakis has been at the forefront of assessing and helping adults and children who suffer from mental illness, and providing comprehensive forensic evaluations to social service and criminal justice agencies, Courts and attorneys and providing threat management strategies in workplace and school settings. 

Dr. Katsavdakis earned his B.A. from Bernard M. Baruch College in 1991, and his Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego in 1996. He completed 2 post-doctoral fellowships, one at the prestigious Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry and Mental Health Sciences in Topeka, Kansas. 

8:30 We have been granted permission to share the new documentary RELATIVE this evening. It made its premier at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in January and MSOTA has secured the right to share this amazing intergenerational view of incest with our members. Click here to see the description of Relative 

Friday May 6th 8:30-10:30 

Dr. James Peak, MD

Dr. Peak s a board certified psychiatrist from Billings. He will be giving a talk entitled “Unpleasant and Therefore Unpopular” concerning the assessment and treatment of Minor Attracted People (“MAPs”).  He retired from Wood Duck Psychiatry last year after over two decades in medicine.

Dr. Peak will speak on the developmental course of this condition from his own perspective as a MAP, and will briefly discuss common dilemmas and therapeutic strategies to assist with this challenging population.

The overarching goal of this presentation is to lower the incidence of child sexual abuse and exploitation through better understanding of the challenges MAPs face while coping with intense, often discomforting thoughts and desires in a  complicated digital world.

Friday May 6th 10:45-12:30

Judicial Panel Discussion  


Each panel member will discuss the process of charging, defending, case negotiation, PSI writing, and sentencing of a sexual offender, from beginning to end.  Each panel member will discuss in detail their individual duties, responsibilities to the victim, the defendant, and the community. Each member will also discuss the freedoms, and also the limitations of their individual duties, as outlined in Montana Statute.

Katie Campbell: Montana Probation and PSI writer from Polson.

Selene Koepke JD: Assistant Montana Attorney General, former SVU prosecutor for Missoula County.

Peter Lacny JD: Peter is a criminal defense attorney with Datsopoulas, MacDonald, and Lind in Missoula. 

The Honorable Elizabeth Best: Judge Best is a District Judge for the county of Cascade (Great Falls) 




Victims of sexual assault were under the age of 18


Were assaulted by someone they knew or knew by sight.


Victims of sexual assault were under the age of 12.